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Every year CIDA commissions unique pieces of work from the talented ‘Ones to Watch’ to become awards for the next winners. 


Read about these fresh new ‘Ones to Watch’ and commissioned maker of the latest Colour in Design Awards below.

We would like to give a HUGE Colour in Design Award thank you to @deasyceramics for creating these wonderful trophies for 2021. 

They are original pieces that have been made by our talented 2020 one to watch Laura Deasy.

Screenshot 2021-07-27 at 12.24.00.png

In 2019 the first award was made by the very talented Domenica Landin.


Domenica was spotted by CIDA at the Decorex Future Heritage exhibition in 2018. Her vibrant metal sculptures captured the fluid quality of fine silk and brought colour to life in a unique and inspiring way.


"It was a great privilege to be asked to make the colour in design award. Throughout my final year at university I worked extremely hard to create work that I am proud of which, I believe I succeeded in."


The CIDA Award (for part 1 of New Designers) has been designed by one of last years' ‘One to Watch’ jewellery designer Adrienn Pesti. 

Adrienn has created this unique piece for the winner of the first of 2 Colour in Design Awards which will be presented at the New Designers show this year. 

Award II.JPG

Daniel Evans-Pughe is a British based Ceramicist and Sculptural Artist specialising in the art of crystalline glazing. By creating very precise conditions (and with a bit of luck) he coaxes zinc silicate crystals to grow throughout the glaze. 

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