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The Award

W H A T   I S   T H E   C O L O U R   I N  
D E S I G N   A W A R D ?

Colour is one of the most fundamental elements of design but its power to transform is often overlooked or dismissed as simply decoration.  Colour demands our attention, communicates ideas, connects us together and offers a richer experience of the world around us.


The Colour in Design Award have been created to recognise and reward outstanding and innovative use of colour in design by new designers at the beginning of their creative careers.  The award will be open to all new designers working in creative design disciplines and will be held annually.


Launched at New Designers in 2018 the Colour in Design Awards will be back again in 2021 spotting fresh winners and outstanding ‘ones to watch’ for the future. Entries will also be invited for submission during April and May through the Colour in Design Website

New Designers Upper Street Events 58 White Lion Street London N1 9PP


Winners will receive money to help them achieve their design goals plus advice and mentoring by recognised experts and professionals in their field.  We will also follow the creative journey of each winner plus the runners up and inspiring ‘ones to watch’ that we’ve discovered throughout the year. 

One to Watch
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Adrienn Pesti
the award
the founder

The Founder


CIDA is a charitable enterprise that has been set up to help new designers find success in their field of creativity founded by Marianne Shillingford Creative Director of Akzonobel Dulux UK. 

It is inspired by her late father Tony Gregory who spent his professional career creating new breeds of English roses for their exceptional colour, form and perfume. His life was immersed in the vivid palette of nature and he valued its power and beauty every day. His legacy is the fertile soil on which a colourful new design community will grow.  

“I think he would have been surprised and delighted to know that he was the inspiration for this organization that encourages and supports a new generation of talented designers working in fields that where connected to his own by their appreciation and love of colour”

The intention of CIDA is to grow the number of people who benefit from the awards year on year with the help of partners, sponsorship and donations. The website will also provide a rich source of inspiration and information for a creative community that uses colour as a fundamental element of their work.

partners sponsers and friends

Partners and sponsors


Akzonobel / Dulux have been hugely supportive of the award and its intentions, offering materials, coaching, expert advice and support for the winners and runners up. 


Colour is at the heart of the company and they have shown great heart in being such enthusiastic supporters for a future generation of designers who value colour as much as they do.


Dulux offer colour in design courses through their new Dulux Academy – a valuable resource for anyone wanting to unlock the full potential of colour in their work and the Akzonobel DuluxColour Futures global colour trend research is a unique source of inspiration to designers.


 Meet the Makers


The first award was crafted by Adrienn Pesti a jewellery designer. Every year, we continue the tradition of each unique award being commissioned from talented new designers. 

meet the maker
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