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Meet the Maker 2024 - Chloe Watts

What does it mean to me to be the maker of the 2024 Colour in Design Awards?

For me, being asked to create the awards was something on my list of dream projects to work on. Creating this year’s trophies feels like a very full circle moment for me, and a celebration of the progress that I have made in my personal practice since winning the award in 2022.

Following on from winning the Colour in Design Award in 2022, I went on to complete a year of working freelance, and then began my MA in Visual Communication at the RCA. At the start of this year, following several big life changes, (including relocating to London!) I decided to take up working with glass. For me, I have found that my illustrative practice is so perfect for translation into glass and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with this new medium.

I recently received the Lowes Dickinson Award for one of my glass pieces, and this has, similarly to the Colour in Design Award affirmed my love for creating across a variety of mediums and methodologies.

The two pieces that I created for this year's winners were designed to encapsulate my feelings on colour- colour makes me want to dance! I wanted to create a feeling of movement within the pieces in order to share this love for the importance and splendour of colour.


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