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Welcome 2023 | New Year, New Talent Spotted

Something is definitely in the air and colour in creativity is making its voice heard loud and clear.

In 2022 we set a number of Colour in Design Award challenges to the talented design students of the UK and below are some of the returns on brief we wanted to shout about.

The challenge was to meet a real need or solve a real problem for the citizens of planet earth with colour at the heart of the solution.

3rd Year Students from the Manchester School of Art Textiles (@msoa_tip @mcrschart course led by inspiring lecturers Clare Calveley @clarecalveleycreative and Mark Beecroft @markrobert82 blew our socks off with their return on brief.

27 students took part and presented work that addressed a diverse range of topics from the cost of living crisis to health, wellbeing and sustainability. All had a distinctive voice and approach that was truly impressive. It was extremely hard to narrow down the talent but we chose one winner and 3 runners up for recognition by the awards and here they are.

Polly Holman @pollyholmanart

Winner - Colour in Design Award ‘One to Watch’

Runners up:

Emily L Kinley @emilytextiles

Eleanor Lowther @elstextiless

Anna Louise Bulloch @annalouisetextiles


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