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Catch Up With... Joe Bazalgette

The first couple of years after graduating can be the most challenging so we caught up with our ‘Ones to Watch’ to see what they’ve been up to since they were spotted by the CIDA judges. In our next few blogs they will tell us how it really is – from highs to lows and their biggest challenges in pursuing a colourful creative life

Since being spotted by the CIDA Judges in 2018 Joe has not been putting his feet up for a minute. Travelling back and forth from Berlin he has been working as an intern and is being interviewed for a research grant that will allow him to explore Europe to investigate the relationship between glassmaking and digital technologies.

Joe Bazalgette, 3D Design Manchester School of Art. One to Watch 2018.

What was the first big thing you did after becoming a CIDA ‘One to Watch’ (new work, exhibition, show, event, meeting, pitch?) After New Designers, my first big project was assisting James Shaw with the exhibition design and build for the show 'PlasticScene' during the London Design Festival. The show focused on how contemporary designers are embracing waste plastic as a material, exploring its structural and aesthetic capabilities in the design of objects.

How successful was it and what did you learn? It was an amazing experience, having interned with James in 2017 it was great being able to work with him again. I also enjoyed working on a larger scale having developed an interest as to how objects and design can affect a space. Seeing all of the designs on display at the opening was incredible, the variety of aesthetic possibilities along with the innovative ways various types of waste plastic are being employed by the likes of James Shaw, Max Lamb, Dirk Van de Kooj, Studio ilio and everyone else exhibiting was fascinating and inspiring. What have been the hardest creative obstacles to overcome recently and do you think you have overcome them? Finding the time and opportunity to develop new bodies of work has been one of the hardest obstacles. I am currently living in Berlin interning with Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop, so splitting my time between the workshops projects and developing my own has been challenging yet rewarding. During the internship we have been producing work for a show at Etage Projects in Copenhagen called 'Sacred Mountain' which opens late February so keep an eye out!

What have been the best things you’ve done since winning a CIDA ‘One to Watch’ award and what have you learnt as a result? It is hard to say which experience has been the best as they have all presented me with a variety challenges and been rewarding in different ways. I think that keeping busy and focused has been the best thing I have done, as every experience has helped me to develop my practice. Showing my work at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester and The Young Furniture Makers exhibition in London were brilliant as I was able to present my work and build my network. Living in Berlin working with Jerszy, learning another language, experiencing another culture and producing pieces with exciting new materials such as Cappa are all equally rewarding in their own right.

What’s next? On return to England I have a showcase at the Bluecoats Display Centre in Liverpool for the whole of March, and showcase at the Manchester Gallery later in the year, these will provide the opportunity to develop a new body of glass work which I aim to produce in spring. Alongside that I have been writing a number of proposals including a research grant and residency projects which have been very exciting to develop so fingers crossed they go through!


Instagram: @joenbaz

See more of Joe’s work:

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