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Catch Up With... Adrienn Pesti

The first couple of years after graduating can be the most challenging so we caught up with our ‘Ones to Watch’ to see what they’ve been up to since they were spotted by the CIDA judges. In our next few blogs they will tell us how it really is – from highs to lows and their biggest challenges in pursuing a colourful creative life.

Adrienn Pesti, BA Hons Silversmithing and Jewellery. One to Watch and maker of a Colour in Design Award 2018.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on a semi new collection which will involve new materials and some new designs however I am planning to keep similar aesthetics to my degree show collection in terms of texture and colour. Besides, I am planning to tackle the business aspects of my practice by creating a thorough branding and fulfil other business involvements.

What has been your highest creative point of the past year?

I feel there were several points I can highlight for different reasons:

  • Blinkered Catwalk Show by @Work Jewellery Gallery, London- New approach to my pieces

  • CIDA Award Making -Show different aspects of being a maker

  • Dazzel at Dovecote- First bigger show in Scotland

  • Shortlisted Maker for European prizes and exhibitions- Gioielli in Fermento-Italy-Nothing to declare-Amber Trip- Lithuania

Although I highlighted some events above, I cherish all the given opportunities as I wish to experience and learn as much as it possible to see and figure out my place in the art world.

What has been your lowest creative point of the past year?

Realisation of the importance of a coherent collection that is supported with a great branding. As an artist and maker I find it very difficult to focus on the ‘business side’ of my practice which is very important on the long run. Therefore, in 2019 I will be working to fulfil these duties and find the balance between my creative practice and its business side.

Biggest lesson learnt?

My biggest lesson I learnt in 2018 is to realise that the art world is very competitive causing sometimes very difficult times for an emerging artist/maker like myself. However, going through smaller and bigger ‘hiccups’ taught me to deal with these and other arising issues which allowing me now to focus and put all my efforts into my work.

A good bit of advice to pass on …

As a fairly new graduate (2017) I felt/feel really pressured and stressed about “what is next” so the advice I would pass on is to remind yourself to give some time to figure out what you are doing and where you are heading with your creative practice.


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