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One to Watch - Polly Holman

Name of course and College/University: Textiles, Manchester Metropolitan University

Name of lecturer/tutor: Mark Beecroft

1. Can you describe the colour project briefly and what inspired you about it?

My project became a ‘love letter’ to Saunton (my favourite beach at home, and possibly my favourite place full stop). I chose the colour palette ‘Flow’ because it is inspired by the big elements: the sky and the sea, and I have been waiting to do a project with this theme - I also loved the idea of reconnecting with Earth’s natural cycles. The colour palette made me picture the reflections of the sky on the sand when the tide is out at Saunton, the sheer expanse of space... This led me to creating a collection of samples directed towards an immersive room dedicated to helping people find head space – perhaps in a workplace, university, or a residential building.

2. How important is colour in your work and how do you choose and narrow down colours?

Colour is a huge part of my work mainly because I get all my colour inspiration from music. Music is central to all of what I do and since developing a deeper understanding of synaesthesia I have started creating playlists alongside projects to help keep a flow and diverse range of imagery, colour and texture throughout my creative process. For me, colour sets the mood of design first and is then enhanced with light, shade, form and texture – so it is often, not always, my starting point for a new body of work.

3. Where do you want to be in 3 years’ time?

Tricky question... continuing to learn from people and cultures expanding my knowledge and skills both in the UK and abroad. At the moment I am deeply fascinated with immersive design and where it could go; as I mentioned earlier music is integral in my work so I would love to collaborate with musicians, dancers and choreographers whether that is costume based, or sets. I think immersive/spatial design doesn’t have to always lead to performative art so it would be interesting to explore this in commercial and personal settings.

4. What is your favourite colour?

Does it have to be one?! Pale blue is a colour of peace, a warm golden orange – it reminds me of home and green is such a healing colour.

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