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One to Watch - Emily Kinley

Name of course and College/University:

Textiles in Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University

Name of lecturer/tutor:

Lynn Setterington

Can you describe the colour project briefly and what inspired you about it?

Being near the sea is something extremely important and close to my heart growing up in the Isle of Man. It is a place of refuge when city life gets a little bit chaotic. Not only walking along next to the sea but bathing too, the physical and mental benefits are incredible and is a fantastic way to be at peace with nature. Taking inspiration from my experiences with the sea I wanted to create Nature-verse inspired intimates. Organic prints, patterns and fabrics are reimagined through a high-tech lens. Using found materials, multi sensory embroideries and manipulation techniques to mimic tidal movements and the fluidity of water, creating surreal and atmospheric fabrics. I wanted to create an immersive story that transported people to the Manx waters within the Irish Sea, that was ultra feminine and celebrated the body.

How important is colour in your work and how do you choose and narrow down colours?

Colour is extremely important in my practice, it is fundamental in my design process. A good colour story can amplify the experience one has with my tactile designs. The way I choose colours can change depending on what I am working on, sometimes there is a key colour that speaks to me that I feel I have to work with which I then choose complimenting and contrasting colours to use along side. Sometimes I will pick apart trend colour schemes and apply unconventional complimenting colours to make viewers question my work. I am always on the look out for new colours and colour schemes not only through everyday experiences but historical too! I keep a huge log of found colours to refer back to and pull into future works. Accidental colour schemes are also a favourite!

Where do you want to be in 3 years’ time?

I would like to be creating surface designs that have a strong focus on colour and texture in both fashion and interior contexts. I’d like to help make the world a brighter space!

What is your favourite colour?

That’s a hard one because its always changing! My current favourite is Pantone 19-1558 TCX - Scarlett smile. Which I had came across when researching otherworldly plants for my current project, the colour came from a plant called Hoya Maxima Red Corona, I instantly fell in love with this gorgeous Scarlett colour, its a perfect contrast against pastel blues, greens and pinks!

Image credits: Luscious comforts Inspiration research and visualisations (left to right)

1. @jenny_hytonen

2. The Underargument

3. @anderssonbell

4. Hodakova

5. Alexander McQueen

6. Georgia Hardinge

7. Zhang Ahuei

8. Iluna Group SA

9. Susan Fang

10. Anya Lust

11. Dora Larsen

Instagram: @emilytextiles



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