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One to Watch: Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams was spotted by CIDA at 100% Design where she was showcasing her revolutionary MarbleSil, a unique flexible marbled silicone material. Colour is what drives her creative passion and she has harnessed its power in unusual and arresting combinations that make it impossible to ignore. Read on to find out more about Hannah and her work.

Where did you study and what was the course title?

I first studied Fashion Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom and then went on to study a Masters in Womenswear at the Royal College of Art.

Name of your lecturer – course tutor?

BA Fashion Design – Barbara Baum and Steven Dell

MA Womenswear – Zowie Broach

How important is colour in your work and how do you choose and narrow down colours?

For me, colour is what drives my passion to create MarbleSil. It’s the first thing I think about before any new project. Colour is what instantly attracts me to something and finding the most beautiful colour clash combinations is what excites me when starting a new project. I love it when I stumble upon colours that just work! I start by thinking of the most uncomplimentary colours and work with them, breaking the norm and bringing those ‘less desirable’ colours into the spotlight. I then add in accents of other colours to create a cohesive colourful design. I find the most unlikely of colour clashes always have the biggest impact in my work.

Tell us about your creative process – where do you find inspiration?

Sculpture has always been my main source of inspiration. I love industrial materials and combining them with beautiful colour combinations. This is where my creative process normally begins. I then start to group together a variety of clashing colour combinations and experiment with these.

My creative process involves a mass of sampling; trying out new pouring techniques and colour combinations. Once I’m happy with the colours and effect, I then look at items and areas that I want to add MarbleSil to.

The final phase is once the area of application has been decided, I then test and apply MarbleSil.

What is the best bit of the creative process – journey or destination?

Definitely the journey. It’s the part you get to experiment, make creative mistakes (that often enhance my final pieces) and develop. The journey drives me to find out new applications, ideas and colour combinations.

Creative high point?

Having a vision in your head can be one thing but when the vision really works it gives you such a high. My creative high point to date is the capsule MarbleSil collection I created for 100% Design. Having the initial vision and then the final execution just worked and gave me a real buzz. The positive feedback and intrigue from other designers was amazing. I love it when an idea works and comes to life.

Creative low point?

A creative low point for me is that creative lull. When you’ve produced a new collection of products and have had amazing feedback; everything has gone to plan. However there’s a point after this where you’re not sure what your next move is and where you need to be. This, as a designer, is extremely frustrating as I love designing and creating new colour combinations.

Where do you want to be in 3 years’ time?

In 3 years’ time I want MarbleSil to be in a large amount of luxury hotels and restaurants. I also want to be working in partnership with interior designers to create new colour ways to customer briefs and applying my material to kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of interior.

Is there one person during your studies/life who has really made a difference to you? – Maybe in terms of encouraging you when you were at a low point, pushing you in different directions unlocking your potential etc.

Whilst studying at the Royal College of Art I met course leader Zowie Broach. She pushed me to develop my ideas the way I envisaged. She taught me how to strip back and really show my raw ability within design.

Having always had a different view on material and design, especially within fashion, I’ve never found it easy to ‘let go.’ Therefore, when I met Zowie, she understood how my mind and creativity worked and she truly helped me grow as a designer. She was so inspiring and had so much passion. I’ve never met anyone quite like her.

What is your favourite colour?

That’s a very difficult one for me. There are so many beautiful colours which makes my job really exciting. I like colour clashes and creating new colour ways but the colour that I’m always drawn to is emerald green.

Contact details

Phone: 07714456497

Image credits: Paul Plews

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