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Meet the judges 2019 - Sebastian Conran

This year we are extremely happy to have a member of design royalty on the 2019 panel of CIDA judges. An engineer at heart, Sebastian Conran has design in the blood.

Focused on designing technologies to make them more emotionally engaging. He is passionate about creating thoughtful & elegant products that are satisfying to use. He believes ‘form follows fabrication’ and that one must thoroughly understand how

things are to be made & experienced before you put pencil to paper.’

CEO of Consequential Robotics and Sebastian Conran Associates, Sebastian takes a hands-on, down-to-earth approach to all his design projects, and is intimately involved in all aspects throughout the innovation journey, sharing his wealth experience and manufacturing expertise with the design team.

His studio’s designs have received many awards for design & innovation as well as being granted over fifty patents and design patents in various fields. From stacking shelves at Habitat in his teens to founding the Consequential Robotics startup, Sebastian's life has been focused on understanding how things are made and sold, as well as ingeniously designing innovative, stylish and satisfying products. He has seen many thousands of successful and enduring products through from concept to consume… and he knows how to spot a winner when he sees one.

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