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Kerri Baillie-Lane – one to watch 2018 ND part 1

University Course - Leeds Arts University and Studied BA (Hons) Printed Textile and Surface Pattern Design

Designer statement

"I am a designer with a deep passion for research, colour and innovation. Alongside my contextual research, my practice aims to explore materials and processes and raise questions about their appropriateness and how we connect with them. Sustainability in both practice and design is a key influence on my work as it is no longer seen as a millennial trend but a responsibility we all share. I want to be part of the movement that helps people to understand that sustainability can benefit the lives of themselves and their communities".

What was it like to be spotted by the judges as ‘One to Watch’ award for 2018?

I was both grateful and honoured to be chosen by the judges as 'One to Watch' for 2018 as I want to spread the message of my work, which is the beauty of sustainable processes and materials.

How important is colour in your work and why?

The colours I use in my work are extremely important as they are often the first thing a consumer sees. I use this concept to draw them and hope they will delve deeper into the sustainable themes of my work.

What or who inspires you?

Research studios such as Franklintil and their passion for creative and innovative solutions inspire me greatly. I spend a huge amount of time during projects researching and exploring what contemporary materials and processes designers are experimenting with. The idea of rethinking the way we see materials and waste and spinning it into something beautiful or functional is a huge motivator.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the thought of using the powerful tool that we call 'design' to create positive environmental and social change, both globally and within our own small communities. I want to help educate consumers to be more conscientious and in control of their habits and understand the long-lasting effects they can have on the planet.

What would you like to achieve in the next year?

In the next year, I am planning on carrying out two internships surrounding sustainability. The first being in Ljubljana, Slovenia where I will be studying and documenting an invasive species of plant and creating a natural dye. As well as running workshops on natural dyeing I will also be co-designing products to sell in the local community to raise awareness. I am then travelling to Palermo, Sicily where I will be working with a small collective to research into materials and techniques within the local culture, developing material experimentation and designing prototypes. Once I have completed both of these I am then starting my MA Studies in Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton in order to further my knowledge of sustainability and the role design can play in order to achieve this.

Tell us about someone who really made a difference to your creative journey in the past few years. Who are they and what did they do/say

My creative journey was influenced dramatically by a tutor I had whilst I was taking an international study placement in Slovenia. My tutor was always encouraging us to go outside and experience the country we were in. This gave me a greater understanding of how I wanted my design work to influence the way the outdoors and nature made me feel, which was protective but also worried about its future. This tutor helped me grasp that this was what I needed to communicate through my work and that it was how I was going to make the change I sought.

What is your favourite colour?

Orange is my favourite colour as it combines the joy and happiness of yellow and the passion and energy of red. The colour orange is also connected to spirituality as it is seen as optimistic and up lifting. This inspires me as I am fascinated by the relationship between being connected spiritually and your connection with the earth and the materials in it.

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