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One to watch: Josie Beevers

Josie Beevers - One to Watch 2018 (ND part 1)

University course - Birmingham City University, BA (Hons) Textile Design

Designers Statement:

"As a specialist in constructed textiles, my work encompasses material investigations and textural woven designs, through collected waste materials and alternative yarn choices. With a focus on the amalgamation of hard and soft, natural and synthetic, to form versatile material concepts. My most recent project ‘Lagom – Not Too Much, Not Too Little’ was inspired by the beauty of Scandinavian aesthetic and encourages a sensory engagement in texture, surface and structure."

What role does colour play in your life/work? Colour is everywhere and very important to us all on a daily basis. For me, colour in my work has been about appreciating subtle qualities in neutral pallets, with highlight features to bring the work together. I enjoy displaying my colour choices best through yarn and material play, combining hard and soft intriguing textures that enhance the sensual excitement of the work.

Highest point in the past year? This past year has been a whirlwind of emotions as I have worked through my final year at Birmingham City University, and began fundraising for a textile volunteer trip to Sri Lanka next year. The realisation of it all is yet to sink in, but finishing my degree with a 2:1, being selected to present my work at New Designers, and winning the BA (Hons) Textile design 2018 graduate award for ‘special colour prize’, have most definitely been some of my high points.

Hardest lesson learnt? Throughout studying there have been various self-directed projects, the final design project being the biggest, where I wrote and responded to my own brief. Learning to trust myself and my confidence in decision making throughout the creative processes of a self-directed project has been challenging, it is something that is valuable for everyone to learn. Have confidence in yourself and your work!

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Knowing I have a structured day full of exciting tasks of making, thinking and doing. I love the excitement of talking to new people and learning from other creatives where ever and whenever I can.

Was there one person who made a difference to your creative path and choices? Who was it and what did they do/say? There are many inspiring people in my life who have and continue to help push me to my full potential. Throughout studying, my course mates at BCU have been some of the most important people to me, continuously motivating and inspiring. I could not have got through my time at BCU without my amazing family, always there to support me no matter what. Finally, not forgetting the staff team of Birmingham City University BA (Hons) Textile Design, an incredibly inspiring and helpful team of creatives that do their very best for everyone!

Career goal? Having gained such a broad skill set at Birmingham City University, I am open to a wide range of career opportunities within the textile industry. I am keen to support the production of British textile manufacturing in a drive to push quality over quantity and keep British weaving mills in action.

Favourite colour – why? Orange, such a strong vibrant colour that brings warmth and excitement to any situation or environment.

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