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One to watch: Flo Yexley

‘One to watch’ Flo Yexley – creator of the Colour in Design Award 2018

Uni: Leeds Art University

Degree: Ba Hons - Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design.

What role does colour play in your life/work?

Second or arguable first to design, colour is the most important aspect in both my work and life. I love colour within fashion and using it to make a statement, not only through bold and bright colours but through creating subtle and soft palettes. Creating outfits where the colours harmonise together creating elegant looks.

Within my creative work I like to push the boundaries and try new innovative techniques to blend and experiment with colour. I have also taken time to research and understand the depths that colour involves, from health benefits that colour can inspire and how it can also be used to explore the changing gender stereotypes.

Highest creative point in the past year?

My highest creative point from the past year is when I displayed my work in a restaurant/bar in Leeds and one of my prints sold. It may seem small however from this experience it instilled encouragement in me that my work could be appreciated and even bought by someone.

Hardest creative lesson learnt when you were starting out?

A very hard lesson that I learnt was to create my own individual style and be confident to showcase it within the extremely busy and competitive creative world. I found it difficult to decide what type of designer I am and now I’m confident in my digital work and am aiming to push this aesthetic.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

It may sound very typical but a hot mug of coffee!

Was there one person who made a difference to your career path when you were starting out? Who was it and what did they do/say?

My parents have definitely made a huge difference to my career path as they have continually supported me through my creative journey. They have always seen my potential and pushed me to continue developing my work to reach the next highest level.

In addition, during second year at university my tutor Laura Slater spoke to me about my digital work and was one of the first to give me a boost of confidence. It was her enthusiasm about where I could go with my style that really inspired me to develop my digital work and push the boundaries of my design aesthetic. It definitely changed my career path but into a direction that I’m very excited to go down.

Creative goal?

My ultimate goal would be a print designer in the high end fashion industry. Although I am open to any exciting opportunities that may come my way in a different creative fields, such as branding, adverting or styling. I have always been interested in fashion in regards to both print and trend forecasting and therefore aim to leave my options open.

Favourite colour – why?

It is hard to pick one colour but I think it would have to be turquoise as it reminds me of the tropical seas and lakes abroad on holiday, giving that feel of ultimate relaxation along with exploration

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