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It is impossible to walk past the work of Sally Cheung a highly gifted first class honours graduate of Central St Martins without stopping to appreciate the confident craftsmanship and bold use of vibrant colours. None of the judges could...nor should you.

Meet Sally Cheung...

What inspires you?

I am excited most by colour so naturally, I am drawn to vibrant and characterful places. My graduate collection was inspired by an impulsive trip to Lisbon where I was inspired by the bold, blocky colours and graphic, patterned facades of the immediate urban landscape. I like to be playful within my design process so fun, bright colours are always present within my colour palette!

What is your design process?

Within the framework of my designs, my influences are drawn from graphic design and contemporary textile practises and practitioners. I feel I have a particular connection to the striking works of Patrick Caulfield and David Hockney, especially after having visited the recent Hockney exhibition at the Tate. It was amazing to see such beautiful and considered use of colour and composition of design elements. I strive to create a personal mood and signature aesthetic within my work which has a playful narrative.

How important is colour in your work?

My work is led strongly by colour so I would say that it is a key element within the design development process. I have to feel excited by the colours I am working with in order to unlock the potential to my designs, otherwise I find myself being stuck. My choice of colour is quite meticulous! I like to start by creating a series of mood-boards of key images which I then start to extract colours by painting swatches. I like to extract unusual colours, as well as colours which I would naturally gravitate to, for an offbeat palette. Arranging the extracted colour swatches in different combinations allows me to see what works well and what doesn’t. Usually I find it difficult to narrow down so I always end up with 9-12 colours in my palette! I am very consistent once I have my selected colours so the real challenge for me is making the colours work cohesively as a collection.

Where do you want to be in 3 years time?

As a textile designer, I aim to continue growing and developing my skills within the industry so I hope that in the next 3 years, I will have a learnt a lot! I imagine myself settling into a print design studio or working freelance.

Is there one person who really made a difference to your creative journey?

There isn’t one particular person I would say has helped me most throughout my studies. I would say that my fellow classmates have been my biggest motivations if anything. Our print class particularly was very supportive of one another so it was always nice to have input from the others around me. One of the best things about studying at Central Saint Martins was that individuality was nurtured and cultivated so no two peoples work were ever the same. Everyone has their own unique signature style and therefore we were able to push each other in different directions.

What is your favourite colour?

Baby pink currently!

Find out more about Sally Cheung and get in touch:

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