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One to Watch: Adrienn Pesti

Designer Adrienn Pesti studied Silversmithing and Jewellery at the Glasgow School of Art. Her work is a confident celebration of colour and form captured in bold distinctive pieces that have a deeper meaning than just decoration. In her final degree project she was inspired to use a palette of colours favoured by people who have been the victims of prejudice. We caught up with her find out more her and her creative process.

What inspires you?

People and their relation to each other and to their surroundings. I find humankind fascinating and I see endless opportunity to be inspired by them as humanity is so diverse, however we all share similar values and emotions.

How important is colour in your work?

I have always been very keen to use colour in my work. I believe, colours are very powerful ‘tools’ in visual language and they are also very effective to stimulate people to observe things more carefully that is why I always try to give more meanings to colours beyond to their aesthetics. For instance, in my most recent work I have chosen the colours in relation to people I am inspired by, thus colours represent people and their stories.

What influences you?

People I have met. Some of them are my close friends and family or people I meet every day and there are also others who I might have only met for a short conversation, but they left me with many thoughts.

Is there one person during your studies who has really made a difference to your creative journey?

My tutor Jonathan Boyd. I really feel lucky and thankful for him to be able to work with him during my final year as he always tried to encourage me to do my best and push my work further and further by helping me to see the real potential in my work.

Where do you want to be in 3 years time?

It is always hard to give a definite answer to this question, as we never know what kind of opportunity will come across, however I am hoping to do a Masters course in jewellery after my one year residency.

What is your favourite colour?

The hardest question ever. I think after my recent work I cannot say a particular colour as I relate colours to people so I feel all the different colours have different meanings to me. Moreover, I believe colours are capturing identity (memory, experience, emotion etc.) so that means ‘favourite colour’ can change as we experience life. However, if I relate colours to people I would say blue as it is the favourite colour of the person who inspired my recent project and inspires me day by day.

Artist’s statement

Adrienn Pesti is a jeweller who is interested in social alienations expressed through stereotypes, prejudices and is enthused by creating possibilities of how overcome these judgements. Inspiration lies in creating platforms for people from all walks of life, investing their relationships with fellow humans and their environment. Thus, she is interested in how jewellery can function as an object to prompt social interactions and lead to integrations. Her main focus is to reconnect alienated people from the margins of society by her pieces that carry their own visual language to stimulate interactions in an engaging, often playful manner. Her work reverts us to an almost childlike curiosity. The bright colours and unique textures appeal to the senses, traits that all humans share. Her current project nurtures her concept through contemporary industrial enamelling, laser welded steel and silk clay.

Contact Adrienn:

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