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Meet the Judges - Rebecca Williamson

Rebecca Williamson is a leading UK colour expert with a background in textile design. She has a deep understanding of the commercial potential for colour and encourages graduates to succeed within the industry through internship placement within her colour team.

What role does colour play in your work?

Colour is at the very core of what I do whether it’s picking the next best-selling shade, making it easier for people to make colour decisions for their walls or demonstrating the impact colour changes can make to transform everyday spaces….colour is my main focus and motivation.

What makes you tick/want to get out of bed in the morning (caffeine aside)?

My job is unique, I am driven by the fact I’m one of the few colour specialists in the UK who is lucky enough to help shape the paint choices people make on a day to day basis and the influence this can then have on the way they use these spaces.

A highest creative point in from the last 5 years?

Helping to build and develop the Dulux Let’s Colour Awards and sitting alongside my design industry heroes as part of the judging panel - shining a light on amazing talent for colour application across many different fields of design. This is why I’m also so excited to have been asked to join this new award and highly influential panel of experts.

What are your next creative goals?

I’d like to travel more and gain greater colour knowledge beyond the UK market. There is so much amazing colour inspiration across the globe and I’m really interested in the different colour choices we make depending on where we are in the world whether that’s down to light, cultural preferences, styles, etc – differing relationships and connections to colour are very intriguing to me and would widen my expertise.

Can you tell us about someone who specifically helped you on the path to success in your creative field. What did they do that make a difference?

My sister has been a huge influence for me especially when starting out in my career. I was unsure about being a creative in a big commercial business but she helped to unlock the opportunity and gave me the confidence to pursue it and carve out a niche position for myself.

What was it like to be a judge for the first ever Colour in Design Award?

It has been a huge privilege to be involved in judging for this new award – celebrating the use of colour in a way that’s fundamental to the design and well considered is something I really support and promote to stand good and exceptional designers apart. I thoroughly enjoyed debating the shortlist with the other esteemed panel members and coming to a unanimous decision.

What would you like to say to the winner?

Mhairi you are an amazing talent and such a worthy winner with a beautifully inspired palette taken from the Shetland landscape – a truly professional collection with unexpected texture to bring the colours to life. I believe you have the potential to go far in the world of design and would encourage you to explore more commercial applications given the strength and quality of your work.

What is your favourite colour?

Coral, a happy combination of pink, red and orange tones that always brings a smile to my face.

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