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Colour in Design Awards 2022

This year we don’t want anyone to miss out so there will be 3 brand new

Colour in Design Awards. 

Each award includes:


  • £1,000 cash towards project/design development .

  • A unique trophy designed and made by an exceptional Colour in Design Awards ‘One to Watch’ winner. 

  • Mentoring by industry experts to help maximise career opportunities/support in design development towards manufacture/business start-up. 

  • Dedicated 2020 winners feature and showcase of work on the Colour in Design Award and New Designers websites/social media channels.

  • Ongoing support and regular contact with CIDA team for advice, encouragement and practical support wherever possible.

  • 15 ‘Ones to Watch’ – (5 runners up for each of the awards) will be individually featured on the CIDA/New Designers website/social media platforms plus join the CIDA community with additional benefits of advice, support and mentoring.

The first 2 awards on offer will be through the New Designers Awards Programme open to graduates who would have been attending the event with their colleges and universities:

Award 1

Fashion & Textiles, Jewellery & Precious Metalwork, Glass & Ceramics 

Award 2

Contemporary Design Crafts, Furniture Design, Product and Industrial Design, Spatial Design, and Digital Design. 


CIDA recognise that a lot of great talent sometimes slips through the net of

New Designers and so we have created a 3rd award for post graduate designers who have been out of education for up to 3 years. This will be launched online through the CIDA website immediately after the 2020

New Designers Awards have been presented.  


Award 3 - *Coming Soon*

All categories of design above can be submitted. 


For more information about the award and what the judges are looking for contact:



What the judges for 2020 are looking for is work of an outstanding and original nature where colour features as a fundamental element of the design which contributes significantly to its success.

The work should also have a notable positive effect on the user and the environment. This means that the designer must be able to demonstrate that there is more than just an aesthetic value to their designs.   


Designers should consider these elements before submitting work:  


Does your design work demonstrate?


  • Considered use of colour

  • The sustainability of materials and ethical manufacturing processes


  • The lifecycle of the design with relation to repurposing or recycling

  • A positive effect in relation to the user’s wellbeing beyond the above (does it make life better/easier?)

  • A colour application directly answering a problem

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